Signed Up To Die by Thi’sl

She was only twelve
When she heard about the name of Christ
Saw the beauty of his love
Instantly it changed her life

Secret meetin’s in the late night
Pulled her out the dark
Now she ’bout to go and be a light

She don’t know nuthin ’bout no Bible teachers
Cause where she from there ain’t no Bible teaching
Matter fact it is forbiden
But she done found a treasure that she couldn’t keep hidden

Now she standin’ in a circle
A hundred people yellin’ out
“Convert or we goin’ hurt you”

I know she had to be scared
But she thought about that preacher
And the words that he said

He told ’em all about Steven
How he was ’bout to die
He looked up and saw Jesus
And her killa walked up on her
He looked her in the eye
He said, “Are you goin’ convert?”
She said, “No! I signed up to die”


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