Concerning Ed Young Jr’s Rant About Calvinism And The Lessons Contained Therein

You can check out Ed Young’s thoughts about Calvinism here (the rant goes ’til about 39:35). I’ve been checking out a couple of blog posts about it, and it’s been interesting to see how the people responding to Young (mainly in the comments on these posts) are mean spirited about it.

This here is a link to James White’s response to Ed Young Jr’s rant about Calvinism. There are things which may be a bit off about what White has to say, but it’s interesting to hear a good critique of Young’s rant about Reformed theology.

My pastor wrote a good blog on the issue as well, which you can view here.

To summarise, the hurt Ed Young appears to be feeling about Reformed theology is painful. Amongst a host of grieving misrepresentations of what Calvinism is, some of what Young says is rooted in truth. He speaks of Calvinism breeding mean spirited and intellectually prideful people, and that reminds me of myself when I was in my Reformed “adolescence.” In hindsight, I would say that in that stage I wasn’t truly understanding (read: knowing in a life informing way) Calvinism, which is really the most humbling interpretation of the Scriptures as far as I am aware.

There is much to learn from this I think. Something I felt especially challenged about and which I said to a friend was that this exhorts me not to be the type of Calvinist that Young describes. I don’t want to be a “God in a box” kind of person, who prides himself on how he has God all figured out, who is mean spirited and unloving, and not concerned for the evangelism of the unsaved. Calvinists, of all people, should not be like this at all! We should be captivated in the wonder of a God, incomprehensible as he is, who somehow in love reveals himself to a humanity which is so grossly abject to his person in Jesus Christ.  We should be awed about how much we don’t know and take pride in God alone who gives us the knowledge we have! And this knowledge of such a loving God should compel us to radical and crazy love for one another and for the heathen who are dying in sin, and to great trust in the sovereignty of God to work in our efforts to draw people to himself through Christ and perform the great miracle of regeneration in the power of the Holy Spirit. I feel freshly rebuked to not be like this false caricature (as my sinful self so oft tends) but to be radically, uncomfortably evangelical and biblical.


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