A Reality So Radically Superior To All Things

"Last things, as such, are not last things, however great and significant they may be. He only speaks of last things who would speak of the end of all things, of their end understood plainly and fundamentally, of a reality so radically superior to all things, that the existence of all things would be utterly … Continue reading A Reality So Radically Superior To All Things


Thoughts (1)

I'm currently writing an essay for my Early American history class on how transcendentalism and the Second Not-So-Great Awakening furthered the individualization of the American concept of "freedom." It's especially interesting to trace the idiosyncrasies of the Christianity of the 2nd Awakening through subsequent American history. During the Awakening, expression of a true Christianity came … Continue reading Thoughts (1)

Bible Commentary: 2 Chronicles 20

Jehoshaphat models better than his predecessor, Asa, seeking God in times of need. In the face of foes and disease, Asa relied on men, not on God (2 Chronicles 16). Contrary to this, Jehoshaphat assembles all of Israel in prayer and fasting before God at his temple (20:3-5). He prays for deliverance from the horde, harking … Continue reading Bible Commentary: 2 Chronicles 20

A Recantation

In 2014, I participated in a demonstration against colonialism that included disrespect towards the Australian flag. I did that in a phase of thinking that arose out of a fresh anger against sins committed against aboriginal peoples in Australia. Over the last two years I have been maturing towards a different perspective on politics and colonialism, and while … Continue reading A Recantation

A Terrifying Precedent

The government prosecuted a racist. What are the implications? Chris Nelson, a chiropractor from New South Wales, was arrested this week for offensive Facebook comments directed at outgoing senator Nova Peris. Peris, an aboriginal woman, was put up for election by Prime Minister Julia Gillard in 2013. She recently resigned from office citing the need … Continue reading A Terrifying Precedent

Trek interview with Hannah Moore

Something that has been awesome is the Trek being the subject of a fair few university assessments around the country. Recently, Hannah Moore interviewed me about the Trek for an assessment via email (an interview medium that I really like, I have decided). The questions were good ones, and I think I answered them fairly … Continue reading Trek interview with Hannah Moore